Bizt offers consultants for leading roles in all phases of a project.

At Bizt, each consultant possesses at least 10 years of practical experience.



We can also recommend colleagues in the industry. Let us advise you!


Ola Danielsson

+46 (0)8 588 841 71

Senior project manager and business developer

Ola is the change leader, with a background that combines technology and marketing. He has solid knowledge of process development and project methodologies. Ola takes on roles such as program manager or project manager for both the business and IT sides. He leads projects, including the development of new services and products, outsourcing, management and rollouts. Over his 13 years as a project manager Ola has worked with practices such as PPS, PROPS, RUP and Scrum. He has also managed international banking projects and served as operations manager for one of the largest online gaming services, with 6 million customers/users.

Mårten Peterson

+46 (0)8 588 841 72

IT architect and business developer

Mårten is a certified IT architect. He combines technology with business strategy, supporting both developers and steering committees with critical decisions. Mårten also helps teams to create stable administration and IT architecture. As an IT architect, he also assumes the role of mentor in various development projects. License questions and SOA are examples of areas in which Mårten has a particular focus. He has also built a data warehouse for one of Sweden’s largest banks, and has had the primary responsibility for infrastructure in large company mergers. Previous to joining Bizt, he built up an IT company with 19 employees.